For Employer Shared Responsibility, we can calculate Full Time eligibility, determine affordability, and provide customized reporting. We have deep experience in HR/PR & Benefits Administration systems and the relationship between the two. We can work with employers and administrators to extract & compile the necessary data, calculate, then report the outcomes. 

ACA Reporting Data Extraction, Merger, and Consolidation

ESR Eligibility and Affordability Calculation, Reporting

Our Affordable Care ActReporting solution gives employers and benefits administrators a flexible solution for compliance. We can extract, merge and consolidate your data into the formats specified by Equifax, E&Y, Ceridian, or any other vendor. The data usually comes from a variety of sources (Benefits Administrator, COBRA Vendor, etc.) and we can put it together for you. Call for help if you are confused or overwhelmed by the complex data requirements for ACA Reporting.

LJPS Consulting